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Exam Code: 300-135
Exam Name: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT v2.0)
Updated: Sep 09, 2017
Q&As: 118

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300-135 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 300-135 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Question Set 1
300-135 dumps

A network administrator is troubleshooting an EIGRP connection between RouterA, IP address, and RouterB, IP address Given the debug
output on RouterA, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. RouterA received a hello packet with mismatched autonomous system numbers.
B. RouterA received a hello packet with mismatched hello timers.
C. RouterA received a hello packet with mismatched authentication parameters.
D. RouterA received a hello packet with mismatched metric-calculation mechanisms.
E. RouterA will form an adjacency with RouterB.
F. RouterA will not form an adjacency with RouterB.
Correct Answer: DF
When troubleshooting an EIGRP connectivity problem, you notice that two connected EIGRP routers are not becoming EIGRP neighbors. A ping between the two
routers was successful. What is the next thing that should be checked?
A. Verify that the EIGRP hello and hold timers match exactly.
B. Verify that EIGRP broadcast packets are not being dropped between the two routers with the show ip EIGRP peer command.
C. Verify that EIGRP broadcast packets are not being dropped between the two routers with the show ip EIGRP traffic command.
D. Verify that EIGRP is enabled for the appropriate networks on the local and neighboring router.
Correct Answer: D
Refer to the exhibit.
300-135 dumps

How would you confirm on R1 300-135 dumps that load balancing is actually occurring on the default-network (
A. Use ping and the show ip route command to confirm the timers for each default network resets to 0.
B. Load balancing does not occur over default networks; the second route will only be used for failover.
C. Use an extended ping along with repeated show ip route commands to confirm the gateway of last resort address toggles back and forth.
D. Use the traceroute command to an address that is not explicitly in the routing table.
Correct Answer: D
Which IPsec mode will encrypt a GRE tunnel to provide multiprotocol support and reduced overhead?
B. multipoint GRE
C. tunnel
D. transport

Correct Answer: D
Which three features are benefits of using GRE tunnels in conjunction with IPsec for building site-to-site VPNs? (Choose three.)
A. allows dynamic routing over the tunnel
B. supports multi-protocol (non-IP) traffic over the tunnel
C. reduces IPsec headers overhead since tunnel mode is used
D. simplifies the ACL used in the crypto map
E. uses Virtual Tunnel Interface (VTI) to simplify the IPsec VPN configuration
300-135 pdf 
Correct Answer: ABD
Which statement is true about an IPsec/GRE tunnel?
A. The GRE tunnel source and destination addresses are specified within the IPsec transform set.
B. An IPsec/GRE tunnel must use IPsec tunnel mode.
C. GRE encapsulation occurs before the IPsec encryption process.
D. Crypto map ACL is not needed to match which traffic will be protected.
Correct Answer: C

The default hide drive behavior is set to “Hide all drives unless otherwise specified” and all other settings
are left at their default settings. Why would one of the user’s drives still be visible?
A. Because it is a USB drive
B. Because it is a home drive
C. Because it is a drive substitute
D. Because it is a DVD-ROM drive
300-135 tshoot dumps Correct Answer: B
You created a new RES Workspace Manager 2012 environment and enabled the option `Cache locally
unless otherwise specified’ at Global level.
Where will the user settings be saved during the session for users that log on to a terminal server session?
A. %homedrive%\Personal Settings\UserPref.
B. %homedrive%\Pwrmenu\UserPref.
C. %localappdata%\RES\WM\UserPref.
D. %userprofile%\Local setinngs\Application Data\RES\WM\UserPref.
Correct Answer: A
The environment is using the Relay Server. How can an administrator accomplish a direct database
connection with an individual RES Workspace Manager Agent?
A. Block the Relay Server in the firewall.
B. Use the `Datastore connection’ option in the .Connections’ tab of the RES Workspace Manager Agent.
C. Change the config.xml
D. Set the option `Connect directly to the Datastore’ on the Agents node.
300-135 tshoot Correct Answer: B
Scope Control is used to
A. Configure to which users a certain application is available.
B. Configure to which users a certain Action setting is applied.
C. Define which nodes are available to a user with access to a certain Administrative Role.
D. Define which Workspace Manager objects are available to a user with access to a certain
Administrative Role.
Correct Answer: D
An administrator has configured User Settings for a specific application to track registry and files. At
application level, the User Setting is enabled. Start tracking changes is configured to track changes
However, no changes are being preserved for users of the application. Which of the following could be the
cause of this problem?
1. Sampling mode is disabled.
2. User Settings is disabled at global level.
3. “Preserve” and “Apply” are both checked.
4. “Allow users to restore their own settings” is disabled

A. 1 and 2 only
B. 3 only
C. 2 only
D. 4 only
300-135 Correct Answer: C
What can be used to generate files for the Workspace Designer?
1. User Settings Sampling Mode
2. Desktop Sampler
3. Baseline Desktop Analyzer
4. Instant Reports
A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 1 and 4
D. 3 and 4
Correct Answer: B
The “Comments” that can be specified when assigning Application Managers to an application is displayed
to the
A. End user when the application is started.
B. End user when access to the application is requested.
C. Application Manager when users are assigned to the application
D. Application Manager when information about the application is viewed.
300-135 tshoot dumps Correct Answer: C
An international Terminal Server farm centrally based in New York has users with different languages
working on it. The best way to create a language-dynamic Start Menu is to base it on
1. Zones.
2. Language Packs.
3. Keyboard mappings.
4. Environment Variables.
A. 1 and 2 only
B. 3 and 4 only
C. 1, 2 and 4 only
D. 2, 3 and 4 only
Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 15 Which entry is recorded in the Audit Trail 300-135 tshoot ?
A. Granted access
B. Locked account
C. Security warning
D. Actions error
Correct Answer: A

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