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Exam Code: 70-398
Exam Name: Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise
Q&As: 36

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70-398 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 70-398 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Given the following information: A BayStack 460-24T-PWR switch is delivering Power over Ethernet (PoE) to a number of devices connected to it. Currently, all devices that are connected to the switch and require PoE are functioning properly. The switch is connected to both internal and external power sources. The external power source is a BayStack 10 Power Supply Unit (PSU). Currently, “DC Source Type” is set to “BayStack 10” (BayStack 10 PSU) and “DC Source Configuration” is set to “RPSU” (Redundant Power Supply Unit) on the switch. A new device that requires PoE is connected to the switch and fails to power on. The “DTE Power Source” LED for the port used to connect the device then begins to blink amber. Assume that prior to connecting the device to the switch it was tested in the lab and is known to be functioning correctly. What is the most likely cause of this issue and which action should you take to resolve it?
A. The port is administratively disabled. Administratively enable the port to correct the issue.
B. NO Data Terminating Equipment (DTE) has been detected on the port. Check the port and correct a cabling fault to resolve the issue.
C. There is a power fault or short circuit on the port. The port or the cable may be faulty. Connect the
device to a different port. If functioning normally, check the cables and correct a possible cabling fault to resolve the issue.
D. The Data Terminating Equipment (DTE) has been detected on the port, but there is insufficient power
to turn the device on. Change the “DC Source Configuration” setting to “Power Sharing” to provide more
PoE for the switch.
70-398 exam Answer: D
How do you configure VLAN port membership on a BayStack 425 10/100/1000 series switch?(Choose two.)
A. Run the QoS Wizard to create new VLAN port members.
B. Access the VLAN configuration screen of the Console Interface (CI) Menu.
C. Create an ASCII configuration file with the required VLAN membership configuration.
D. Use Java Device Manager (JDM) to make the selected ports members of the VLANs.
Answer: BD
Refer to the exhibit. What is the significance of the fact that the Administration interface symbol extends downward rather than leftward?

A. The interface is the primary provided interface for the component.
B. The interface is not publicly visible on the component.
C. There is no significance.
D. The interface is the primary interface for the component.
E. The interface cannot be provided via a port.
F. The interface does not require a delegation connector.
70-398 dumps Answer: C
To what does an internal structure of a class refer?
A. the decomposition of that class in terms of interconnected parts
B. the set of structural features of that class
C. the inheritance structure of that class
D. the set of nested classifiers of that class
E. class and associations owned by that class
Answer: A
When an object invokes a ReadSelfAction, what will it retrieve?
A. attribute values for the invoking object
B. invoking object
C. attribute values and links for the invoking object
D. class name of the invoking object
E. name of the invoking activity
70-398 pdf Answer: D
What is the semantic difference between the two figures in the exhibit?

A. One is a white-box view, while the other is a black-box view.
B. One is a deployment diagram, while the other is a class diagram.
C. There is no semantic difference.
D. One is a UML 2.0 diagram, while other is a UML 1.5 diagram.
Answer: C
What kind of relationship is an extension in UML 2.0?
A. generalization
B. dependency
C. association
D. reification
70-398 vce Answer: C
What is true about guards on interaction operands?
A. should not refer to any dynamic variables, i.e., to attributes of the lifelines
B. must only cover one lifeline, namely the one lifeline having the first event occurrence of the interaction operand
C. must always cover all lifelines covered by the operand
D. must cover the same lifelines on all interaction operands within one combined fragment
Answer: B
What does via foo in the exhibit designate?

A. an action foo associated with the transition
B. transient pseudostate named foo
C. a transition terminating on the foo entry point
D. a Boolean guard equal to the logical value of foo
E. the sending of a foo message on the transition
70-398 exam Answer: C
Why are profiles NOT a first class extension mechanism?
A. They do not allow for modifying existing metamodels.
B. They do not permit customizing for domains, platforms, and methods.
C. They permit removing constraints that apply to existing metamodels.
D. They do not allow for modifying existing stereotypes.
70-398 dumps Answer: A
What must be true for a connector to be well formed if a delegation connector delegates to more than one target port?
A. The interfaces of the target ports must have no features in common.
B. The interface of at least one of the target ports must be signature compatible with the interface that is the type of the source port.
C. The interface of each of the target ports must be signature compatible with the interface that is the type of the source port.
D. The union of the interfaces of the target ports must be signature compatible with the interface that is the type of the source port.
Answer: D

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