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A company has a two chassis G Series cluster and wants to change the setup. This will require a reset of the chassis.
What is the correct procedure?
A. Reset both chassis simultaneously through the reset script
B. Reset the primary chassis first, followed by the secondary chassis, through the reset script.
C. Reset both chassis simultaneously with the mobile build server
D. Reset the secondary chassis first, followed by the primary chassis, through the reset script.
Correct Answer: B

A VxRail Cluster setup with P570F nodes is used for product evaluation purposes at customer sites. Before moving the
Cluster to another customer site, it needs to be reset.
Where is the image located to complete this task?
D. MB Server
Correct Answer: B

What is used to control remote access to VxRail through SRS?
A. VxRail Manager
B. SRS VE Gateway
C. vCenter
D. Policy Manager
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://www.dellemc.com/en-us/collaterals/unauth/technical-guides-support-information/products/convergedinfrastructure/h15300-vxrail-network-guide.pdf

You have been asked to deploy a single, 4 node VxRail cluster for company. They would like to perform an online
migration from their existing vSphere 6.0u2 environment. They have also asked that vCenter Enhanced linked-mode be
supported. Based on best practice, what is the recommended deployment model?
A. Use existing vCenter with External PSC
B. Deploy Internal vCenter with External PSC
C. Use existing vCenter with Embedded PSC
D. Deploy Internal vCenter with Embedded PSC
Correct Answer: A

When running the VxRail SmartFabric Personality profile script, what is preserved from the initial default Full Switch
mode configuration?
A. Uplink Breakouts
B. ICL Uplinks
Correct Answer: C

In a 5 node VxRail cluster in which all nodes are the same model, which cluster requires the least amount of rack
A. G560
B. E560
C. S570
D. V570
Correct Answer: D

A planned VxRail deployment will use an External vCenter Server and Syslog server. Which ping connectivity tests
should succeed and which should fail before the deployment?
A. Succeed: ESXi hosts and syslogFail: VxRail Manager and vCenter
B. Succeed: VxRail Manager and ESXi hostsFail: vCenter and Syslog server
C. Succeed: vCenter and Syslog server fail: VxRail Manager and ESXi hosts
D. Succeed: VxRail Manager and syslogFail: vCenter and ESXi hosts
Correct Answer: A

A Secure Remote Services deployment on a VxRail system with external vCenter fails with “Invalid target datastore
specified”. What is required to resolve this problem?
A. Ensure DNS is able to resolve the SRS/VE VM hostname
B. Retry the deployment through the retry button
C. Manually deploy Secure Remote Services
D. Restart vCenter services and retry the deployment
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://docplayer.net/51201325-Welcome-to-vxrail-appliance-remote-support-and-troubleshootingcourse.html (55)

When using vSphere Web Client, what is the source of information that can help validate good VxRail system postdeployment status?
A. MARVIN-Virtual-SAN-Cluster > Monitor > Health Logical View
B. MARVIN-Virtual-SAN-Cluster > Monitor > Virtual SAN > Health
C. Last Heartbeat, Last Configuration Sent, Network Environment Settings, Cluster Monitor
D. System Diagnostic, Events, Health Logical View, Health Physical View, Log Bundle
Correct Answer: D

A company has a simple, 3 node VxRail cluster. The VxRail is running version 3.5 and utilizes a vSphere Enterprise
Plus license. The company has asked for a VxRail software upgrade. What are the steps for the upgrade?
A. Log in to VxRail Manager, select “Internet Upgrade”, then follow the prompts.
B. Log in to support.emc.com and download the upgrade packages.Next, open VxRail Manager, select “Off-line
Upgrade”, then follow the prompts.
C. Contact Dell EMC support to request the upgrade to the VxRail cluster.
D. Place four nodes into maintenance mode. Next, log in to VxRail Manager, select “Internet Upgrade”, then follow the
Correct Answer: A


exammodule DES-6321 exam questions-q11

A 4 node VxRail solution will be deployed. Based on the exhibit, what will be the host name assigned to the last node in
the cluster?
A. MyVxRaild.mycompany.com
B. MyVxRail-4.mycompany.com
C. MyVxRail-d.mycompany.com
D. MyVxRail04.mycompany.com
Correct Answer: C

View the Exhibit.

exammodule DES-6321 exam questions-q12

Based on the exhibit, which interfaces should be used to reset the node through the Mobile Build Server?
A. 1 and 3
B. 1 and 2
C. 2 and 3
D. 1, 2 and 3
Correct Answer: A

Which software component is an optional add-on for VxRail?
A. Dell EMC Secure Remote Support
B. VMware vRealize Log Insight
C. VMware vSAN
D. VMware vRealize Operations
Correct Answer: D

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