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Exhibit: *** MISSING ***
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. Certkiller .com
believes that it has been experiencing denial of service attacks. Which two entries from the NetFlow
display would be helpful in confirming this assumption? (Choose two.)

A. All flows have the same source autonomous system.
B. All flows have the same destination autonomous system.
C. All flows use the same protocol.
D. All flows are the same size.
E. There is only one packet per flow.

Correct Answer: DE
Exhibit: *** MISSING ***
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully.
Which type of campus network is represented?

A. medium
B. large
C. small
D. server farm

Correct Answer: C
In a Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switch, in which slots can the Sup2 card be installed?
A. slots 1 and 2
B. any slot
C. slots 1 through 9
D. slots 3 and 4
E. slots 5 and 6

Correct Answer: A
Exhibit: *** MISSING *** You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. You are required to upgrade the network of a two-story branch office building to support wireless LAN access throughout the building. What three configuration tasks should be completed on the building switches to maximize the efficiency of the wireless design? (Choose three.)
A. limit broadcast traffic to the access point by enabling VLAN filtering
B. limit the number of VLANs connecting to any access point to a maximum of 16
C. enable VTP on the access point to allow VLAN support over the wireless network
D. limit multicast traffic to the access point by enabling IGMP snooping
E. extend ISL VLAN trunks to the access points for VLAN transport

Correct Answer: ABD
Which three are benefits of using the Cisco Cluster Management Suite Software to manage multiple switches? (Choose three.)
A. provides Web-based interface for configuring and managing Catalyst OS functions
B. provides Web-based interface for configuring and managing Cisco IOS functions
C. manages up to 16 geographically dispersed switches simultaneously
D. manages up to 24 geographically dispersed switches simultaneously
E. can be accessed through any standard Web browser
Correct Answer: BCE
In a Cisco Catalyst 6500-E Series chassis, why is a special type of fan used?
A. A larger fan is required to provide increased airflow because the Catalyst 6500-E Series has a smaller form factor; there isn’t more heat, there is less room.
B. It provides additional cooling, which is required by new line cards that generate more heat due to increased power consumption.
C. A dual-speed fan is required to support the redundant and nonredundant power-mode features of the Catalyst 6500-E Series.
D. Nonredundant power mode generates less heat, and consequently a slower fan speed can be used.

Correct Answer: B
Given a Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switch with redundant supervisors, what feature allows phone calls to remain up in the event of a supervisor failure?
C. NetFlow

Correct Answer: D
Certkiller .com has deployed a CiscoWorks LMS in its enterprise. The client is now interested in upgrading its routers and switches to a new version of Cisco IOS software. How can LMS help the client prepare for the upgrade?
A. The LMS system will use the Device Fault Manager to perform fault detection and analysis to identify which devices require upgrades.
B. The LMS system will use Resource Manager Essentials to perform device inventory and software-image management to identify which devices will require upgrades.
C. The LMS system will use Campus Manager, which can perform end-station tracking and identify specific end stations that will require upgrades.
D. The LMS system will use CiscoView to provide device-specific component diagnostics to locate components that will require upgrades.

Correct Answer: B
When using the ISR to implement a NAC solution, the ISR is configured to act as which NAC component?
A. posture agent
B. 802.1x supplicant
D. AAA server

Correct Answer: C
Certkiller .com is opening a branch office housing 30 employees. It is beginning to implement IP Phones and plans on deploying a centralized Cisco CallManager cluster. Which two Cisco products should be deployed at the branch office to support IP Phones immediately while allowing migration to the centralized cluster when it is available? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: AB
What are three reasons to design Layer 3 routing into the core of a campus LAN environment?
A. to implement security
B. to design scalable networks
C. to implement address structure
D. to remove spanning tree from the core
E. to improve backbone performance

Correct Answer: BCD
Exhibit: *** MISSING ***
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. The policy map
VoiceOut is an outbound service policy on interface serial 0/0. What overall congestion management
feature is in use?

A. class-based weighted fair queuing
B. weighted fair queuing
C. priority queuing
D. custom queuing
E. low latency queuing

Correct Answer: E
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. Certkiller .com has
the network shown. The shortest path has indicated that all traffic must go from R2 – R3 – R4 – R5. Due to
congestion at R3, you have recommended MPLS TE; as a result, a TE tunnel has been built from R2 to R4
via R6 – R7. As a result of this tunnel being built, which two conditions exist? (Choose two.) Exhibit: ***

A. In order to implement MPLS TE the IGP must be either ISIS or OSPF.
B. QoS must also be configured to ensure that the required bandwidth will be available for all traffic that uses the tunnel.
C. The TE tunnel must be explicitly configured by the network administrator.
D. The TE tunnel is bidirectional.
E. The Resource Reservation Protocol will be used to setup the TE Label Switch Path.

Correct Answer: AE
Exhibit: *** MISSING ***
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully.
What WAN topology is being used?

A. multipoint
B. partial mesh
C. hub and spoke
D. full mesh
E. star
F. point to point

Correct Answer: B
You have received an RFP from a potential client to design a network for a new corporate campus. This campus will encompass administration, sales, and R&D, and it will pull all the distributed IT functions into a new data center. The campus will consist of five buildings, each with four floors. The buildings will be linked via high-strand-count, single-mode fiber-optic cable to the new data center in building 3. Each building will have an MDF with at least one telco closet per floor and at least two runs of Category 5 UTP cable will go to each work location. Multistrand multimode will connect each telco closet to the MDF. Each MDF will have dedicated power circuits and be backed up by batteries in the basement of each building and a generator.The corporation will require 3500 TDM telephones and approximately 100 of these will be in a call center in building 2. The corporation needs to increase collaboration in the workforce. Employees need the flexibility to be able to move from one floor to another or from one building to another to accomplish their jobs. Managers also need this flexibility without losing connectivity to the corporate network or their phones.Building 4 will house R&D. This portion of the network requires connectivity to the Internet, but it also must restrict which employees have access to certain parts of the R&D network.The data center will house all connections to the Internet and to the PSTN. The corporation also provides access to customers for customized applications support. A network operations center will monitor and maintain the network on a 365/24/7 basis. Which advanced technologies will be applicable to answering this RFP? (Choose three.)
A. storage
B. IP communications
C. security
D. routing and switching
E. data center

Correct Answer: ACE
Which design takes maximum advantage of many Layer 3 services, including segmentation, load balancing, and failure recovery?
A. building design
B. multicast design
C. backbone design
D. multilayer campus design

Correct Answer: D
Which is a reliable network auditing methodology for discovering applications on the network and their usage characteristics?
A. Place a sniffer device on the network to grasp a snapshot of traffic on the network.
B. Conduct a network usage study over a given period of time.
C. Conduct a network inventory of servers and applications installed on them.
D. Interview system administrators regarding the networked applications.

Correct Answer: B
Exhibit: *** MISSING ***
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. What are three
benefits of extending advanced QoS to the edge of the network? (Choose three.)

A. minimizes traffic on the backbone
B. enables immediate classification and marking of traffic
C. enables easier setup of per-user policies
D. guarantees end-to-end bandwidth
E. frees up router processing power

Correct Answer: BCE
Exhibit: *** MISSING ***
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. In an analysis of the
existing customer network shown, you notice that when issuing the show arp command there is no MAC
address associated with the workstation. Which of the following could be the reason?

A. R4 needs to perform a RARP request to retrieve the MAC address of the workstation.
B. R4 needs to have a static route configured for the workstation in order for the ARP process to return a MAC address.
C. R4 Ethernet0 interface is running SNAP encapsulation.
D. The workstation would not return a MAC address because it is not running a routing protocol.
E. The workstation NIC card is not running the same encapsulation as R4.

Correct Answer: E
Exhibit: *** MISSING ***
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. Certkiller .com has
merged with another company and has decided to deploy an MPLS VPN to connect that company with its
network. Which situation will be the result of implementing an MPLS VPN network?

A. The PE routers will install the routes learned from the P routers in the appropriate VRF.
B. The P and PE routers will share a common IGP.
C. The PE routers will have been configured to run MPLS with the CE routers.
D. The PE routers will not install the backbone IGP routes in the global routing table, but rather in the MPLS backbone VRF.
E. The MPLS backbone, the P routers, will require BGP to be implemented to be able to label-switch packets from PE1 to PE2.

Correct Answer: B
What is the difference between the two redundant states that a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series power supply can operate in?
A. In redundant mode, one power supply works until it reaches 50 percent power consumption, then the load is shared equally across the power supplies.
B. In redundant mode, both power supplies work at 50 percent of capacity, and in a nonredundant mode, the power available to the system is the combined power capability of both power supplies.
C. In redundant mode, one power supply works at 100 percent of capacity while the other provides instantaneous backup, and in combined mode the output of each power supply is configured by the user.
D. In redundant mode, both power supplies work at 50 percent of capacity, and in nonredundant mode the output of each power supply is configured by the user.

Correct Answer: B
To improve performance on the ISR platforms when supporting concurrent integrated services, the network modules, HWICs, AIMs, and DSPs connect directly into which hardware component?
A. PCI bus
B. crossbar bus
C. custom ASIC
D. SCSI bus

Correct Answer: C
Which option makes the Cisco 3200 Series Mobile Access Router a compelling platform for public safety applications?
A. support for 4.9-GHz WMIC
B. support for up to 512 stations with TKIP and AES-CCM encryption
C. integrated support for 802.11a/b/g”
D. ability for 2.4-GHz WMIC to act as a WDS server at a hotspot

Correct Answer: A
Exhibit: *** MISSING ***
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. What are three key
benefits of implementing this branch solution using the components listed? (Choose three.)

A. maximizes concurrent routing and switching performance by using local processors and switching engines
B. supports standard 802.3af PoE
C. provides feature parity with the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series of switches
D. provides integrated configuration of both routing and switching functions under a single Cisco IOS instance.
E. switch ports can be stacked with external Catalyst Series switches using Cisco StackWise technology

Correct Answer: ABC

You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You study the exhibit carefully. Based on this network diagram and output from a show cdp neighbors Cisco IOS command, on which network device is the command being executed?
A. Certkiller 2
B. Certkiller 4
C. Certkiller 3
D. Certkiller 1

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 139
Which three features are supported by the Cisco 7600 Series router? (Choose three.)
A. high performance, with a 720-Gbps capacity per slot
B. 3-, 6-, 9-, 13-slot chassis
C. IP/MPLS provider edge router
D. all models are NEBS compliant
E. Metro Ethernet connectivity

Correct Answer: BCE
An administrator wishes to connect two Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches in a back-to-back configuration. A straight-through Category 5e cable is used. What is the result of making this connection?
A. The connection will fail because the connection requires a Category 6 or higher cable.
B. The connection will succeed as the switches will automatically adjust to the cable type.
C. The connection will succeed after manually configuring one of the interfaces as a crossover port.
D. The connection will fail as the TX and RX pins are not properly aligned.
E. The connection will fail; a back-to-back connection requires a crossover cable.

Correct Answer: B

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