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[2020] Top-Notch CompTIA CS0-001 Dumps Questions For Your

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CompTIA CySA+ CS0-001 Exam Practice Questions

A worm was detected on multiple PCs within the remote office. The security analyst recommended that the remote
office be blocked from the corporate network during the incident response. Which of the following processes BEST
describes this recommendation?
A. Logical isolation of the remote office
B. Sanitization of the network environment
C. Segmentation of the network
D. Secure disposal of affected systems
Correct Answer: A

A security analyst is reviewing output from a CVE-based vulnerability scanner. Before conducting the scan, the analyst
was careful to select only Windows-based servers in a specific datacenter. The scan revealed that the datacenter
includes 27 machines running Windows 2003 Server Edition (Win2003SE). In 2015, there were 36 new vulnerabilities
discovered in the Win2003SE environment. Which of the following statements are MOST likely applicable? (Choose
A. Remediation is likely to require some form of compensating control.
B. Microsoft\\’s published schedule for updates and patches for Win2003SE have continued uninterrupted.
C. Third-party vendors have addressed all of the necessary updates and patches required by Win2003SE.
D. The resulting report on the vulnerability scan should include some reference that the scan of the datacenter included
27 Win2003SE machines that should be scheduled for replacement and deactivation.
E. Remediation of all Win2003SE machines requires changes to configuration settings and compensating controls to be
made through Microsoft Security Center\\’s Win2003SE Advanced Configuration Toolkit.
Correct Answer: DE

Company A permits visiting business partners from Company B to utilize Ethernet ports available in Company A\\’s
conference rooms. This access is provided to allow partners the ability to establish VPNs back to Company B\\’s
network. The security architect for Company A wants to ensure partners from Company B are able to gain direct Internet
access from available ports only, while Company A employees can gain access to the Company A internal network from
those same ports. Which of the following can be employed to allow this?
Correct Answer: D

A security architect is reviewing the options for performing input validation on incoming web form submissions. Which of
the following should the architect as the MOST secure and manageable option?
A. Client-side whitelisting
B. Server-side whitelisting
C. Server-side blacklisting
D. Client-side blacklisting
Correct Answer: B

A suite of three production servers that were originally configured identically underwent the same vulnerability scans.
However, recent results revealed the three servers has different critical vulnerabilities. The servers are not accessible by
the Internet, and AV programs have not detected any malware. The servers\\’ syslog files do not show any unusual
traffic since they were installed and are physically isolated in an off-site datacenter. Checksum testing of random
executables does not reveal tampering. Which of the following scenarios is MOST likely?
A. Servers have not been scanned with the latest vulnerability signature
B. Servers have been attacked by outsiders using zero-day vulnerabilities
C. Servers were made by different manufacturers
D. Servers have received different levels of attention during previous patch management events
Correct Answer: D

A technician at a company\\’s retail store notifies an analyst that disk space is being consumed at a rapid rate on several
registers. The uplink back to the corporate office is also saturated frequently. The retail location has no Internet access.
An analyst then observes several occasional IPS alerts indicating a server at corporate has been communicating with
an address on a watchlist. Netflow data shows large quantities of data transferred at those times.
Which of the following is MOST likely causing the issue?
A. A credit card processing file was declined by the card processor and caused transaction logs on the registers to accumulate longer than usual.
B. Ransomware on the corporate network has propagated from the corporate network to the registers and has begun
encrypting files there.
C. A penetration test is being run against the registers from the IP address indicated on the watchlist, generating large
amounts of traffic and data storage.
D. Malware on a register is scraping credit card data and staging it on a server at the corporate office before uploading it
to an attacker-controlled command and control server.
Correct Answer: D

A web application has a newly discovered vulnerability in the authentication method used to validate known company
users. The user ID of Admin with a password of “password” grants elevated access to the application over the Internet.
Which of the following is the BEST method to discover the vulnerability before a production deployment?
A. Manual peer review
B. User acceptance testing
C. Input validation
D. Stress test the application
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following tools should a cybersecurity analyst use to verify the integrity of a forensic image before and after
an investigation?
A. strings
B. sha1sum
C. file
D. dd
E. gzip
Correct Answer: B

Employees at a manufacturing plant have been victims of spear phishing, but security solutions prevented further
intrusions into the network. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate solution in this scenario?
A. Continue to monitor security devices
B. Update antivirus and malware definitions
C. Provide security awareness training
D. Migrate email services to a hosted environment
Correct Answer: C

A security analyst has a sample of malicious software and needs to know what the sample does? The analyst runs the
sample in a carefully controlled and monitored virtual machine to observe the software behavior. Which of the following
malware analysis approaches is this?
A. White box testing
B. Fuzzing
C. Sandboxing
D. Static code analysis
Correct Answer: C

During a web application vulnerability scan, it was discovered that the application would display inappropriate data after
certain key phrases were entered into a webform connected to a SQL database server. Which of the following should be
used to reduce the likelihood of this type of attack returning sensitive data?
A. Static code analysis
B. Peer review code
C. Input validation
D. Application fuzzing
Correct Answer: C

A cybersecurity analyst wants to use ICMP ECHO_REQUEST on a machine while using Nmap. Which of the following
is the correct command to accomplish this?
A. $ nmap –PE
B. $ ping –PE
C. $ nmap –traceroute
D. $ nmap –PO
Correct Answer: A

External users are reporting that a web application is slow and frequently times out when attempting to submit
information. Which of the following software development best practices would have helped prevent this issue?
A. Stress testing
B. Regression testing
C. Input validation
D. Fuzzing
Correct Answer: A

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Exam Code: CAS-002
Exam Name: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
Updated: Sep 12, 2017
Q&As: 532

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CAS-002 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate CompTIA CAS-002 Dumps Exam Q&As:

A software project manager has been provided with a requirement from the customer to place limits on the
types of transactions a given user can initiate without external interaction from another user with elevated
privileges. This requirement is BEST described as an cas-002 simulations implementation of:
A. an administrative control
B. dual control
C. separation of duties
D. least privilege
E. collusion
Correct Answer: C
The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is asking for ways to protect against zero-day exploits. The
CISO is concerned that an unrecognized threat could compromise corporate data and result in regulatory
fines as well as poor corporate publicity. The network is mostly flat, with split staff/guest wireless
functionality. Which of the following equipment MUST be deployed to guard against unknown threats?
A. Cloud-based antivirus solution, running as local admin, with push technology for definition updates.
B. Implementation of an offsite data center hosting all company data, as well as deployment of VDI for all
client computing needs.
C. Host based heuristic IPS, segregated on a management VLAN, with direct control of the perimeter
firewall ACLs.
D. Behavior based IPS with a communication link to a cloud based vulnerability and threat feed.
Correct Answer: D
An CAS-002 dumps organization is concerned with potential data loss in the event of a disaster, and created a backup datacenter as a mitigation strategy. The current storage method is a single NAS used by all servers in both datacenters. Which of the following options increases data availability in the event of a datacenter failure?
A. Replicate NAS changes to the tape backups at the other datacenter.
B. Ensure each server has two HBAs connected through two routes to the NAS.
C. Establish deduplication across diverse storage paths.
D. Establish a SAN that replicates between datacenters.
Correct Answer: D
A security administrator wants to prevent sensitive data residing on corporate laptops and desktops from
leaking outside of the corporate network. The company has already implemented full-disk encryption and
has disabled all peripheral devices on its desktops and laptops. Which of the following additional controls
MUST be implemented to minimize the risk of data leakage? (Select TWO).
A. A full-system backup should be implemented to a third-party provider with strong encryption for data in
B. A DLP gateway should be installed at the company border.
C. Strong authentication should be implemented via external biometric devices.
D. Full-tunnel VPN should be required for all network communication.
E. Full-drive file hashing should be implemented with hashes stored on separate storage.
F. Split-tunnel VPN should be enforced when transferring sensitive data.
Correct Answer: BD
An organization would like to allow employees to use their network username and password to access a
third-party service. The company is using Active Directory Federated Services for their CAS-002 pdf directory service. Which of the following should the company ensure is supported by the third-party? (Select TWO).
E. Kerberos
Correct Answer: BE
A mature organization with legacy information systems has incorporated numerous new processes and
dependencies to manage security as its networks and infrastructure are modernized. The Chief
Information Office has become increasingly frustrated with frequent releases, stating that the organization
needs everything to work completely, and the vendor should already have those desires built into the
software product. The CAS-002 dumps vendor has been in constant communication with personnel and groups within the organization to understand its business process and capture new software requirements from users. Which of the following methods of software development is this organization’s configuration management
process using?
A. Agile
C. Waterfall
D. Joint application development
Correct Answer: A
Joe, a hacker, has discovered he can specifically craft a webpage that when viewed in a browser crashes
the browser and then allows him to gain remote code execution in the context of the victim’s privilege level.
The browser crashes due to an exception error when a heap memory that is unused is accessed. Which of
the following BEST describes the application issue?
A. Integer overflow
B. Click-jacking
C. Race condition
D. SQL injection
E. Use after free
F. Input validation
Correct Answer: E
A forensic analyst works for an e-discovery firm where several gigabytes of data are processed daily.
While the business is lucrative, they do not have the resources or the CAS-002 pdf scalability to adequately serve their clients. Since it is an e-discovery firm where chain of custody is important, which of the following scenarios should they consider?
A. Offload some data processing to a public cloud
B. Aligning their client intake with the resources available
C. Using a community cloud with adequate controls
D. Outsourcing the service to a third party cloud provider
Correct Answer: C
select id, firstname, lastname from authors
User input= firstname= Hack;man
Which of the following types of attacks is the user attempting?
A. XML injection
B. Command injection
C. Cross-site scripting
D. SQL injection
Correct Answer: D
A network administrator with a company’s NSP has received a CERT alert for targeted adversarial
behavior at the company. In addition to the company’s physical security, which of the following can the
network administrator use to detect the presence of a malicious actor physically accessing the company’s
network or information systems from within? (Select TWO).

B. Vulnerability scanner
C. HTTP intercept
E. Port scanner
F. Protocol analyzer
cas-002 simulationsCorrect Answer: DF
A software development manager is taking over an existing software development project. The team
currently suffers from poor communication due to a long delay between requirements documentation and
feature delivery. This gap is resulting in an above average number of security-related bugs making it into
production. Which of the following development methodologies is the team MOST likely using now?
A. Agile
B. Waterfall
C. Scrum
D. Spiral
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following BEST constitutes the basis for protecting VMs from attacks from other VMs hosted
on the same physical platform?
A. Aggressive patch management on the host and guest OSs.
B. Host based IDS sensors on all guest OSs.
C. Different antivirus solutions between the host and guest OSs.
D. Unique Network Interface Card (NIC) assignment per guest OS.
CAS-002 dumps Correct Answer: A
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company that allows telecommuting has challenged the Chief
Security Officer’s (CSO) request to harden the corporate network’s perimeter. The CEO argues that the
company cannot protect its employees at home, so the risk at work is no different. Which of the following
BEST explains why this company should proceed with protecting its corporate network boundary?
A. The corporate network is the only network that is audited by regulators and customers.
B. The aggregation of employees on a corporate network makes it a more valuable target for attackers.
C. Home networks are unknown to attackers and less likely to be targeted directly.
D. Employees are more likely to be using personal computers for general web browsing when they are at
CAS-002 dumps Correct Answer: B

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