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Why do SNMP counters often show different numbers than Cisco IOS CLI show commands?
A. The counter output from a CLI show command cannot be reset on interfaces.
B. SNMP counters use SNMPv3 values, whereas CLI show commands use SNMPv2 values
C. SNMP uses 64-bit counters, whereas CLI show commands use 32-bit counters.
D. The only way to reset the SNMP counters is to reload the box.
Correct Answer: D
When closing a trouble ticket, why is closure categorization very important?
A. It helps to identify the person who opened the ticket.
B. It helps to identify the name of the staff who worked on the incident
C. It clearly identifies ticket open time.
D. It helps to identify the cause of an outage.

Correct Answer: D
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, which two formulas are commonly used to calculate priority? (Choose two.)
A. priority = urgency + impact
B. priority = severity + impact
C. priority = urgency x impact
D. priority = severity x urgency

Correct Answer: AC
Which three protocols can you use to collect detailed configuration information on network devices for inventory purposes? (Choose three.)
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol
E. NetFlow

Correct Answer: BDF
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, what activity is required to implement reboots, repairs, or workarounds?
A. initiate connection to the device and enter privileged mode at the CLI
B. initiate a request for change
C. full documentation and closure of the incident record
D. ensure fix or workaround is compliant with existing configuration standards

Correct Answer: A
After notifying the customer about an SLA issue, what should you do?
A. Notify theSLA manager so that they can issue a credit to the customer.
B. Document who you contacted about theSLA issue by opening or updating a ticket
C. Log the call and wait for a response from the customer.
D. Open a trouble ticket with the information collected from the customer.

Correct Answer: D
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, which of these three processes are common inputs to root cause analysis? (Choose three.)
A. event management
B. incident management
C. proactive problem management
D. change management
Correct Answer: ACD QUESTION 63
Which technique is used to set up an early warning system for impending service-level violations?
A. MOS scoring
B. configuration change events
C. threshold-crossing events
D. event-based alarming

Correct Answer: C
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Which three of these factors are important information in a network change document? (Choose three.)
A. detailed information about the steps required to carry out the process of network change
B. steps to verify the accuracy of the network change after the change has taken place
C. a rollback plan, in case the network change is not successful
D. a detailed inventory of all types of hardware and devices used in the network
E. a complete list of all types of software used in the network

Correct Answer: ABC
A software upgrade is performed on some of the routers in a network. What would be your first major verification step after the upgrade?
A. check show version
B. checkconfig-register
C. check routing table
D. check logs for errors
E. check if router prompt has changed
Correct Answer: A
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Correct Answer: A
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, which three statements are true with regard to effective problem management? (Choose three.)
A. The goal of problem management is similar to the goal of incident management.
B. Resources dedicated to problem management are more effective than resources dedicated solely to managing incidents.
C. A problem ticket can be opened as a result of a single incident ticket.
D. It is desirable to align incident and problem management categories.
E. Like incident management, problem management is reactive in nature.
F. All incidents ultimately require a problem ticket for final closure.

Correct Answer: BDE
Network inventory is polled once per week on Saturdays.A new router is being installed on Sunday.Which of these network managers should be synchronized with the inventory manager in order to have the most up-to-date device list as soon as possible?
A. Cisco Performance Manager
C. Syslog Manager
D. Manager of Managers
E. CiscoWorks Fault Manager

Correct Answer: B
Your fault management system indicates that an “interface down” event was received five minutes ago, followed by an “interface up” event three minutes later. What should you do?
A. Open a trouble ticket and begin troubleshooting the outage.
B. Verify that there were no changes made to the device recently.
C. Monitor the device for additional interface events before taking any action.
D. Escalate to a level 2 NOC engineer immediately.

Correct Answer: B
A customer complained about their network performance. You scheduled a change request that will reroute their traffic through a different node to improve performance. What must you
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do to verify that this change had the desired results?
A. Validate the customerSLA for performance through the network.
B. Collect baseline performance data before and after the change.
C. Contact the customer to ensure that their performance has improved
D. Document the change request so that there is an audit trail.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 71

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Exam A
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, what triggers an incident?
A. whenever a severity 3 incident is closed
B. when the problem is identified as urgent
C. when a problem is discovered during a change window
D. when an outage is called into a service center

Correct Answer: D
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, what is the primary reason for implementing SLAs?
A. Ensure accurate measurement of response times.
B. Establish an open line of communication between the customer and the service provider
C. Reduce network latency.
D. Provide a legal contract between the customer and the service provider.

Correct Answer: D
Each syslog message has a numerical severity level assigned to generate error messages about software or hardware malfunctions. Which of these messages has the highest numeric severity level?
A. Error
B. Emergency
C. Debug
D. Critical
E. Alert

Correct Answer: C
Which three of these methods can you use to back up a configuration running Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2 Mainline? (Choose three)

Correct Answer: ACE
A router is causing problems in the network and you want to capture as much information as you can before you manually reload or power-cycle the router. What command would you type at the CLI of the router to capture information that would be lost when the router is rebooted?
A. showcrashinfo
B. show syslog
C. show tech-support
D. show stacks
E. show memory

Correct Answer: C
Which three steps are best practices in accurately documenting a network? (Choose three).
A. Document separate Layer 2 and Layer 3 topologies.
B. Document Layer 3 topology to include all switches and routers.
C. Clearly document the port identifiers on all of the links.
D. Clearly depict different routing domains with appropriate information such as the routing protocol and process number.
E. Avoid defining router-id commands and loopbacks in the router label.
F. Use connectivity details of all layers of the OSI model in diagrams.

Correct Answer: ACD
Which three steps would you use to troubleshoot a performance-related problem in the network core? (Choose three.)
A. define problem
B. analyze problem
C. determine affected users
D. create action plan
E. verify service-level requirements

Correct Answer: BCE
Which two steps are best practices to be followed while documenting a network. (Choose two.)
A. Use proper icons for different devices in the network.
B. Use different colors and widths for denoting different links of different bandwidth.
C. Use same icons for all types of routers and switches in the network.
D. Avoid defining the router-id in the router label.
E. Use connectivity details of all layers of the OSI model in diagrams.
Correct Answer: AB
What is the advantage of using a passive monitoring technique?
A. does not require continuous measurement of traffic types
B. measures application-specific parameters per traffic classes
C. identifies issues and bottlenecks before they occur
D. no interference with live traffic

Correct Answer: D
The command below was executed on a Cisco 12000 Series Router running Cisco IOS XR. Which statement is true about the output of the command?

A. is an IP address local to the router.
B. OSPF is not running on this router.
C. There are no static routes in the routing table.
D. The last route entry for Loopback causes routing loops

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 11
According to the ITIL?v3 framework, after an incident is resolved and the root cause identified, what should be the next step?
A. Enter the problem in the problem management system and close the ticket.
B. Use functional escalation to escalate root cause analysis.
C. Update the closure categorization for the incident.
D. Record the root cause analysis in the known error database to identify and resolve potential incidents.

Correct Answer: D

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