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The World War 2

Check out Question and answer related to world war 2.Test out your knowledge below to check what kind of historical knowledge you have.

Q1. When did World war 2 begin ?

Ans – 1 September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland.

Q2. How long did World war 2 continue ?

Ans – For 6 years.

Q3. How many nation participated in World war 2 ?

Ans – 61 nation.

Q4. What was the immediate cause of the World war 2 ?

Ans – The attack of Germany on Poland.

Q5. When was the Munich pact signed ?

Ans – Sept 1938.

Q6. When did the world pass through the acute financial crisis ?

Ans – 24 Oct. 1927 – 1932.

Q7. When did Germany violate the treaty of Versailles ?

Ans – 1935.

Q8. When did the civil war start in Spain.

Ans – 1936.

Q9. Which nation became the victim of the united German – Italy attack ?

Ans – Spain.

Q10. When was the Russian – German ‘ non aggression ’ pact signed.

Ans – 23 August 1939.

Q11. What is the ‘operation Barbarossa’n?

Ans – A scheme of Germany to attack Russia.

Q12. When did Germany attack Russia violating the pact ?

Ans – 22 June 1941.

Q13. When did Italy join World war 2 on the side of Germany ?

Ans – 10 June 1940.

Q14. When did the U.S.A. participate in World war 2 ?

Ans – 8 December 1941.

Q15. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain during World war 2 ?

Ans – Winston Churchill.

Q16. When was the Tripartite pact of Germany, Italy and Japan made ?

Ans – September 27 1940.

Q17. What was the policy of appeasement ?

Ans – The Policy of Britain to please Hitler giving some sort of facilities and persuade him to attack Soviet Union.

Q18. Who was the political thinker of the grand policy of Isolation of Germany in the field of the continental trade and Commerce ?

Ans – Loed Salisbury.

Q19. When did America drop the atom bombs on Japan ?

Ans – 6 August 1945.

Q20. Which was the last nation to be defeated by the allied powers in World war 2 ?

Ans – Japan.

Q21. What were the names of the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagashaki ?

Ans – Atom bombs named “ Fatman and Little boy” , each of 100 mega watt.

Q22. When did World war 2 come to an end ?

Ans – 2 Sept 1945.

Q23. What is the greatest contribution of World war 2 to the field of international affairs ?

Ans – The organisation of the U.N.O.

Q24. When was the U.N.O. formed ?

Ans – After World war 2, on 24 Oct 1945.

Q25. How many civilians were killed in the two atom bombs dropped on Japanese cities ?

Ans – Over 3,20,000 people were killed.

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