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The World War 1

Here you can check out Question & Answere related to World War 1 .
Situation as: before the war, after the war and during the war.

Q1. When did the World War 1 begin ?

Ans—  On 28 July 1914

Q2. How Long did the World War 1 Continue ?

Ans – 4 Year.

Q3. How many nation participated in the World War 1 ?

Ans – 37 nation.

Q4. What was the immediate cause of the World War 1 ?

Ans – The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne and his wife in Sarajevo on 28 june 1914.

Q5. When and who assassination the Arch Duke Francis Ferdinend, the Prince of Austria ?

Ans – Gavrilao Princip on 28 june 1914.

Q6. Where was Ferdinand, The Prince of Austria assassinated ?

Ans – Serajevo, The capital of Bosnia-Hezzegovina.

Q7.In how many was the world at the time of world war 1 blocs divided ?

Ans – In two blocs.

Q8. What were the countries opposing the Allies during World War 1 called ?

Ans – Axis Nation.

Q9. Who led the Axis nation in World War 1 ?

Ans – Germany.

Q10. Who was the Father of the system of Secret – treaties ?

Ans – Bismark.

Q11. Which was the first Secret treaty in the series of such treaties ?

Ans – Triple alliance.

Q12. When was the Triple Alliance among Austria, Italy and Germany signed ?

Ans – 1882 A.D.

Q13. Which organisation was found responsible of the assassination ?

Ans – A secret society called “Black Hand” or “Union of death” of extremist serbain nationalists.

Q14. Between Which two countries was the friendly relationship established in 1894 ?

Ans – Between Russia and France .

Q15. When was the Anglo Japan treaty signd ?

Ans – In 1902.

Q16. Who was the mediator of the Russia – Japan treaty ?

Ans – American President Theodore Roosevelt.

Q17. When did the Morocco – crisis arise ?

Ans – In 1906.

Q18. What was the year of Agadir – crisis ?

Ans – In 1911.

Q19. When was the Balkan League organised ?

Ans – 1912.

Q20. The political map of which continent was changed after the World War 1 ?

Ans – Europe.

Q21. Which Nation was the most responsible for World War 1 ?

Ans – Germany.

Q22. Which rich province of France was taken by Germany ?

Ans – Alsace – Lorraine, a German speaking province.

Q23. When did Germany make treaty with Austria – Hungary ?

Ans – 1879.

Q24. When did Germany invade Russia during World War 1 ?

Ans – 1st August 1914.

Q25. When did Germany attack France ?

Ans – 3 August 1914.

Q26. When did England Join World War 1 ?

Ans – On 8 August 1914.

Q27. When did Italy Join the Allied nation ?

Ans – 26 April 1915.

Q28. Who was the American President at the time of World War 1 ?

Ans – Woodrow Wilson.

Q29. When did the United States of America join World War 1 ?

Ans – 6 April 1917.

Q30. After the sinking of which ship, did America react and join World War 1 ?

Ans – The Lusitania.

Q31. When did World War 1 end ?

Ans – On 11 November 1918.

Q32. Due to which peace treaty did World war 1 end ?

Ans – Treaty  of Versailles.

Q33. When was the Paris – Peace – conference help ?

Ans – 18 June 1919.

Q34. Which Country suffered the greatest loss in World war 1 ?

Ans – Germany.

Q35. How much money is estimated to have been spent in World War 1 approximately ?

Ans – Over a Trillion dollars.

Q36. Which country became financially the most powerful nation after World War 1 ?

Ans – The U.S.A.

Q37. What was the contribution of world War 1 into the field of  International affairs ?

Ans – The establishment of the league of Nations.

Q38. When was the disarmament conference held in Washington ?

Ans – 1921.

Q39. When was the Disarmament Conference at Zeneva held ?

Ans – 1932.

Q40. By which treaty were the seeds of  World War 2 sown after World War 1 ?

Ans – By the treaty of Versailles.

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