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Personality Development Tips Intermediate level-A Study Guide to Improve Yourself

Hi, everyone. Welcome back again to the Personality Development lesson of intermediate level. In this intermediate level, it will help you to understand different stages of personality development. Earlier we had discussed in the basic level about the SWOT analysis. It continues here in the same way but again with some more new things.
We will discuss here about communication and what are the types and factors that are affecting our communication. What are the non-verbal communication part of it and then how to communicate and read non-verbal side of it. Now, all these things matter in an interview too and how does all this matter, I’ll let you know and it will help you to come out of the model to know about the personality development.
It only takes 4 minutes for a person to set an impression and as you all know first impression is the last impression. Now, the 4 minutes’ impression comprises of 7% of the verbal communication and 93% comprises of the non-verbal communication. Verbal represents the way you say like, Hi, Hello, how are you? And all. The rest 93% of the non-verbal communication is the most important as it represents, how to walk in, how you pull in the chair, the way you sit and all.
Non-verbal communication is nothing but the only thing that is said without the words. Anything which is not a language other than the verbal language that we use in non-verbal communication. There are four different factors that affect the non-verbal communication.
The channel speaks about your appearance, face, body, gesture and speech.
Encoding speaks about the ability to communicate i.e, attitudes and emotions.
Decoding speaks about the ability to interpret the non-verbal communication of the other person includes emotions, attitudes, and truth or lies.
Leakage speaks about the face, body movements and voice. It means when we give up something through our body language to other people.
So overall, all this denotes and tell you about the way you dress yourself like whether it’s a formal dress or party one. The way you correctly choose your belt, watches and other things. Personality is all captured the way you look, speak and behave. So, these verbal and non-verbal communication plays a really great and vital role in personality development.

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