Personality Development

Personality Development Tips Basic level-A Study Guide to Improve Yourself

Hello, everyone. In this article we’ll talk about Personality Development Tips but in three different stages:-
1.Basic Level
2.Intermediate Level
3.Advanced Level
So, lets start with the Basic level. Firstly, ask yourself about some basic questions and understand that what it actually means i.e,
1.Who you are ?
2.What are the things which you are good at?
3.Look at, What are your inner qualities, like, strength, values and fear.
Now, a very important question arises after this is that, where ae you aimed like, your parents, friends, families all will ask you that why you doing that particular type of work?
It is very important to understand the real you before you start accepting and adjusting with the situations, This will really help you to understand you values and to know how you see at different situations.
Only the 10% of you is seen to the people and the remaining 90% is within you. Your values, ethics, cultures, believes, the experience you have gone through the upbringing, your behavior everything is hidden. The 10%of the personality is due to the 90% of the quality which you have and for the others its just the 10% that matters. So, how would you say and behave all that matter when people look at you. It might be an interview, or talking to your managers, talking to your colleagues, talking to your friends.
Now, this is very important to understand that how we represent our self makes a lot of difference.
We often talk about Personality. Now lets us know “ What is this personality “ all about. Why are we all talking about ? So , lets understand what is this personality. Personality is derived from a Latin word known as persona. Now, it is a mark that people put on to show the other person.
Now, it is not only the mark that is represented. Neither it is all about how good, how beautiful and charming I look around. Personality is not about the physical appearance as a whole but it is the real you.
Here, once we have known about personality now we’ll talk about what is a personality development? So, this is nothing but the way we enhance skills that you already have and how you improve day by day.
Overall there are three steps to build a good personality. These are as:-
1.Use your attitude
2.know yourself through SWOT analysis i.e, Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.
3.Set your Goals.

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