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Advanced Level Personality Development program-A Study Guide to Improve Yourself

Hello, everyone. Welcome back, to the Personality Development program of Advanced Level. In the previous level, we had talked about communication and their types. Today, we will study and know about the goals of communication.
Goals of communication are of three types:-
1.Self presentation goals
2.Relational Goals
3.Instrumental Goals
When we communicate our goals speaks about who we are and how we want to proceed. How people want us to know, that’s really very important. Self-presentation are certain things where people identify or perceive us and we communicate to them the way we want them to perceive us.
Relational Goals speaks about how to maintain and develop relationships.
Instrumental Goals means a conversation or communication where we gain compliance or we talk about interpersonal conflicts. We identify the conflicts if we have any. We find here where the person likes what we are communicating.
So, this three are the main goals of all communication. Now, we’ll know what communication competence mean?
Communication competence helps us to understand how to fluctuate our goals and needs to achieve an effective and appropriate interaction. Now, we’ll know that how we access this communication? So, to access communication competence the first comes:-
2.Conversational Involvement
3.Conversational Management
So, let’s go one by and discuss all of them
1.Adaptability means how we change our self according to the situation to meet the needs.
2.Conversational involvement by the words itself explain and talks about how we involve our self in a conversation or work.
3.Conversational management means how you regulate interaction and smoothly process them.
4.Empathy is nothing but thinking from the other’s point of view.
5.Effectiveness is very important to understand your communication process.
6.Appropriateness means to know what are the expectations of others and based on that we upload our communication as per the situations. Appropriateness is also a fundamental criterion for determining the competence because if appropriateness is missed then there is no point to have communication.
Hence, these are few points to access communication competence. Now, let’s move to identify and understand the different styles of communication. There are now three styles:- (a) passive (b) aggressive (c ) assertive
Now, I’ll tell you how you can communicate tactfully or diplomatically? Let’s move step by step. So, to communicate tactfully we need to,
Step 1 – Think twice before you speak
Step 2- Deflect negative comments
Step 3- Have sympathy for others
Step 4- Change the subject if it’s going wrong
Step 5- Ask the person nicely to stop
Step 6- Start giving positive comment instead of negative comments.
Step 7- Choose your words carefully.
Step 8- Decline invitation politely.
Step 9-Consider other person’s point of view and acknowledgement
Step 10- Be gracious enough even when you are irritated
Step 11- Be an active listener.
Now, next we’ll be talking about conflict management. Before explaining this let me tell you that more than 20% of the time is spend on resolving the conflicts.
Conflict management is a process in which any issues or any situation happen in day to day life and we manage them. By putting down the negative aspect and increasing the positive aspect.
We need to manage conflicts for the following reasons and they are:-
1.To increase performance.
2.To heighten co-operation
3.To stimulate problem solving
There are five methods to handle or manage conflicts, they are:-
So, these are the few methods. Overall, I would say that if you all go through this small-small points then nothing can stop you to crack any interview. You’ll just need to keep in your mind these following things.
Hope, this Personality Development program article helps you. Good Luck Fellas!!!

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