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Largest Tallest Highest Longest Thing In The World For Competitive Exams

Dear aspirants, here you can learn about the Largest Tallest Highest Longest Thing, etc.. in the world know how famous we have in the world from all the field. We hope it wil be helpful for you.

List of Largest Things In The World

 1.Largest Airliner in the world– Boeing 747

2.Largest Archipelago in the world– Indonesia

3.Largest Bird in the world – Ostrich

4.Largest Population (City) in the world – Shanghai

5.Largest Continent in the world – Asia

6.Largest Coral Formation in the world – The Great Barrier Reef

7.Largest Population (Country) in the world – China

8.Largest Country area-wise in the world – Russia

9.Largest Electorate in the world – India

10.Largest Creature in the world – Blue Whale

11.Largest Delta in the world – Ganges and Brahmaputra in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India

12.Largest Desert in the world – Sahara In Africa

13.Largest Desert in Asia – Gobi

14.Largest Diamond in the world – The Cullinan

15.Largest Dome in the world – Astrodome in Texas, USA

16.Largest Employer in the world – Indian Railways

17.Largest Forest in the world – Coniferous forest

18.Largest Gulf in the world – Gulf of Mexico

19.Largest Island in the world – Greenland

20.Largest Lake for fresh water in the world – Superior

21.Largest Lake for salt water in the world – Caspian Sea

22.Largest Crater in India – The Lonar, in Maharashtra

23.Largest Inland Waterway in India – Kerala

24.Largest Barrage of India – Farakka

25.Largest Stadium in India – Eden Garden, Kolkata

26.Largest Tribe in India – Gond

27.Largest Library in India – National Library, Kolkata

28.Largest Exhibition Ground in India – Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

29.Largest Ocean Island in the India – Middle Andaman

30.Largest River Basin of India – Ganga Basin

31.Largest Estuary in India – At river in Hooghly

32.Largest Library in the world – United States Library of Congress, Washington, D.C

33.Largest Museum in the world – American Museum of National History, New York

34.Largest Park in the world – Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada

35.Largest Peninsula the world – Arabia

36.Largest Railway Station in the world- Grand Central Terminal, New York

37.Largest Sea-Bird in the world – Albatross

38.Largest Reflector in the world – Mount Semirodriki

39.Largest Refractor in the world – Yerkes Observatory

40.Largest Volcano in the world – Mauna Lea

List Of Tallest and Highest Things In The World

 1.Tallest Animal in the world – Giraffe

2.Tallest Building in the Asia – The Connaught Centre

3.Tallest TV Tower in India – Rameshwaram

4.Highest Waterfall in the world – Angel

5.Highest Volcano in the world – Cotopaxi

6.Highest Village in the world – Andean

7.Highest Plateau in the world – Pamir

8.Highest Mountain Range in the world – Himalayas

9.Highest Mountain Peak in Europe – Elbruz

10.Highest Mountain Peak in Africa – Kilimanjaro

11.Highest Mountain Peak in India – Godwin Austen

12.Highest Mountain Peak in the world – Everest

13.Highest Lake in the world – Titicaca

14.Highest Non-military Airport in the world – Leh

15.Highest Motor able Road in the world – Khardungla-Leh-Manali sector.

16.Highest Dam in the world – The Grande

17.Highest City in the world – Wenchuan

18.Highest  Capital in the world – Lhasa

19.Highest Building in the world – Sears Tower in Chicago

List Of Longest Things In The World

1.Longest Railway Bridge in the world – Huey P. Long Bridge

2.Longest Canal for small ship in the world – Beloye Baltic Canal

3.Longest Canal for big ships in the world – Suez Canal

4.Longest Day in a year – June 21st

5.Longest Epic in the world – Mahabharata

6.Longest Train in India – Prayag Express

7.Longest Road Tunnel in India – Chiplin

8.Longest National Highway in India – NH-7

9.Longest Cave in India – Krem um Kwan Jaintia Hills

10.Longest Mountain Range – Andes

11.Longest Platform in India – Gorakhpur Railway Station

12.Longest Railway in India – Trans-Siberian Railway

13.Longest River in India – Nile

14.Longest recognized swimming course – English Channel

15.Longest Railway Tunnel in the world – Secken Tunnel

16.Longest Tunnel Road in the world – St. Gothard Tunnel

17.Longest Wall in the world – The Great Wall of China.

18.Longest Ropeway in India – connecting Joshimath, Uttrakhand.

List Of Fastest and Smallest Things In The World

 1.Fastest animal in the world – Falcon

2.Fastest Bird in the world – Swift

3.Smallest Bird in the world – Humming Bird

4.Smallest continent in the world – Australia

5.Smallest day in a year – 22December

6.Planet away from sun – Pluto

7.Planet nearest to sun – Mercury

8.Lowest water body in the world – Dead Sea

List Of Biggest, Deepest and Brightest Things In The World

 1.Deepest lake in the world – Baikal

2.Biggest Nuclear Reactor in the world – France

3.Deepest and Biggest Ocean in the world – Pacific Ocean

4.Biggest Palace in the world – Vatican

5.Biggest planet across the universe – Jupiter

6.Brightest planet across the universe – Venus

7.Biggest planetarium in the world – Tsukuba, Japan

8.Brightest star in the world – Sirius

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