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Important General Knowledge for Competitive Exam

There is some Important General Knowledge for Competitive Exam Check your knowledge and concepts related to general knowledge. Here you can find various Q & A ; for interview and entrance examination.(set3)

Q1. What is the south eastern sea – shore of India called ?
Ans – Coromandal coast .

Q2. Where is the Central India Security force Academy situated ?
Ans – Hyderabad .

Q3. When was Shimla pact between India and Pakistan singned ?
Ans – 3 July 1972 by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Indira Gandhi .

Q4. Where is Raman Research Institute situated ?
Ans – Banglore.

Q5. When was the Indian Reserve Bank established ?
Ans – In 1935.

Q6. What was the name of the first Indian Communicative Satellite ?
Ans – The Apple.

Q7. Where is the Indian Institute of Science ?
Ans – Bangalore.

Q8. Who was the youngest Indian to be adorned with the title of Bharat – Ratna ?
Ans – Rajiv Gandhi.

Q9. Where is the Indian Agriculture Institute (Indian Council of Agricultural Research)
Ans- New Delhi.

Q10. In which year was the Saving Bank in the Indian Post Office started ?
Ans – 1882.

Q11. Under which five year plan were Durgapur, Bhilai and Rourkela steel plant made ?
Ans – Second Five Year Plan .

Q12. Which one is the shortest session of the Indian Parliament ?
Ans – The 9th Parliament

Q13. When was the Arjuna award started ?
Ans – 1961.

Q14. In which state the Bodo – Andolan has started .
Ans – in Assam.

Q15. In which state was the Panchayati Raj system first enforced ?
Ans – Rajasthan in 1959.

Q16. When and where from was the first missile of India – Agni Launched ?
Ans – From Chandipur in Orissa on 22nd may 1989.

Q17. Which Stadium is called the mecca of Cricket in india ?
Ans – Eden Garden of kolkata .

  1. When was the successful expedition to climb up Mount Everest made ?
    Ans – 1953 by Edmand Hilary and Sherpa Tenjing.

  2. To what is the Gangu Bai Hangal related ?
    Ans –Classical music.

  3. Where is the Death Valley situated ?
    Ans – In the U.S.A.

Q21. Who was the first Governor of Bihar ?
Ans – Sri Jayramdas Daulatram.

Q22. Where was the first Low Collage started ?
Ans – In Kolkata.

Q23. Where was the 14th Asiad Olympic held ?
Ans – At Busan in S.Korea.

Q24. What do you mean by NATO ?
Ans – North Atlantic Treaty Organigation .

Q25. When was the capital transferred from Kolkata to Delhi ?
Ans – 1911 .

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