10 Secret For How to Crack Interview: This Is What Professionals Do

For the saying stands true to its core, “First impression is the last impression”!!

If not for all but for an event like an interview, where the interviewer ad interviewee who are completely strangers to each other it does.

For there is only 15-20 minutes granted to give a walk through your life.

Nervousness/ Anxiety/ Consciousness/ Sever stomach ache are bond to obstruct your way but do not make a room for them, for they are not permanent mates but if you do overcome them then what stands ahead is definitely help you build a house of your own.

Generally when we hear the word ‘Interview’ we get panicky for being examined by someone. Believe it or not, but the Interviewer sits on the other side of the table to get wooed by the interviewee. So show the best of what you got, speak of your experience, strengths, achievements, goals, passion.

Few things that should be kept in mind before the interview:
  1. Do wear your best of formals, it should be ironed and not be shabby at all.
  2. Abide by the timings, be present before time.
  3. Minimal accessories for girls and clean shave for boys are a must.
  4. Have a detail and in depth knowledge about the company, also come prepared be it any sector, public, private, multinationals. It would add to your performance.
Now comes the performance in the battlefield: means during interview:
  1. Get in the cubicle and sit only once granted permission. If not seek permission.
  2. Answer to what has been asked, do not beat around the bushes. Provide a crisp and clear answer and elaborate once asked.
  3. Maintain your calm and confidence through making an eye contact. However the situation or question seems to be difficult, pass it on by saying “Sorry” or phrasing “I can improve on this”.
  4. Conclude the interview with a positive note. For “all’s well that ends well”.

You could do “n” number of things to impress the interviewer but do get led by your emotions, mind before you speak, so here are few points of a strict no- no while you are taking an interview.

  1. Do not show rigidity, even if you do not agree with what the other person has to say. Put it by saying “I have a different perspective”.
  2. Do not argument and show led back attitude.
  3. It’s obvious for all that money matters, but do not put money as one of your big concerns.

Put it in a way that money is important for living but for career learning is priority. A lot could be written on this, what to do, what not to do, how to do and many more. But what would really stand out is sheer talent and a pinch of confidence garnished with a smile. This really gives an image to the interviewer that whatever the situation may be, at least the candidate has a positive approach towards it. Also realize that there are certain qualities that are appreciated by the interviewer, be sober, gentle, show flexibility, how keen you are to learn new things, ethics and all. Therefore whatever sector or whatever industry it may, the procedure remains the same. So try not to follow just one way for there is no hard and fast rule to bring success. But yes, I could definitely provide guidance. Also create exceptionally great answers to blow the interviewer with your wit.

And yes, do wear your smile!!! Happy Experience!! For there’s no failure there is always a next door to knock for the right door is open, until then build up your experience and make it count.




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