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The Historical Battles of India

Here underneath mentioned Historical Battles of India which have been fought and has made a great history.

Date of The Historical Battles –  Event

1191—The First Battle of Tarain between Prithviraj Chouhan and Mohammad Ghori .

defeat of Mohammad Ghori .

1192 – The 2nd Battle of Tarain  between Prithviraj Chouhan and Mohammad Ghori .

defeat of Prithviraj Chouhan

1194 – The Battle of Chandwara between Jaychandra and Mohammad Ghori .

defeat of Jaychandra.

1526 – The first Battle of Panipat between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi.

Defeat of Ibrahim Lodi.

1527 – The Battle of Khanawa between Babur and Rana Sanga.

Defeat of Rana sanga.

1529 – The Battle of Ghaghra between Babur and Afghans.

Defeat of Afghans.

1539 – The battle of Chausa between Humayun and  Sher Shah Suri (Sher Khan)

Defeat of Humayun.

1540 – The battle of Kannauj between Humayun and Sher Shah Suri (Sher Khan).

Defeat of Humayun.

1556 – The 2nd battle of Panipat between Akbar and Hemu .

Defeat of Hemu.

1565 – The  Battle of Talikota between Vijaynagar and Sultanates of Deccan.

Defeat of Vijaynagar.

1576 – The battle of Haldighati between Akbar and Maharana Partap

Defeat of Maharana Partap.

1757 – The battle of Plassey between British and Sira-ud-Daulah.

Defeat of Sira-ud-Daulah.

1760 – The battle of Wandiwash between British and French,

Defeat of French.

1761 – The 3rd battle of panipat Ahmed Shah and Marathas.

Defeat of Marathas.

1764 – The battle of Buxer between British and Mir Qasim.

Defeat of Mir Qasim.

1774 – The battle of Ruhella between Shuja-ud-Daula and  Rohillas.

Defeat of Rohillas.

1795 – The battle of Kharda between  Nizam and Maratha.

Defeat of Nizam.

1857 – The first war of Indian Independence.

1962 – The Indo – China war

Defeat of India.

1965 – The first Indo – Pak war.

Defeat of Pakistan.

1971 – The 2nd Indo – Pak war,

Defeat of Pakistan.

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