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General Knowledge Questions Answers for competitive exam

General Knowledge Questions  Answers, Check your knowledge and concepts related to general knowledge.Here you can find various Q & A ; for interview and entrance examination.

Q1. Who was the only congress elected member of parliament from Bihar in the 10th  M.P Election. ?

Ans – Srimati Krishna Shahi.

Q2. To what is related the Earth Summit Conference ?

Ans – To the environment.

Q3. Where was the Earth Summit Conference Organised ?

Ans – In Rio – De – Janerio (Brazil)

Q4. Who was the Indian Prime Minister who could not face the Parliament even for a single day ?

Ans – Choudhry Charan Singh.

Q5. On which river – bank at Ujjain was the Kumbha – Mela Organised ?

Ans – River Sipra.

Q6. With which games and sport is related limba Ram ?

Ans – Archery.

Q7. Which Prime Minister was elected twice with a land – Slide majority.

Ans – Indira Gandhi.

Q8. Who was the organiser of Chipko – Andolan ?

Ans – Sundarlal Bahuguna.

Q9. Who was the founder of Rashtriya swayamsevak sangh ?

Ans – Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar.

Q10. Who was the founder of Sulav International ?

Ans – Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak.

Q11. Which was the first film of Satyajeet Ray ?

Ans – Pather Panchali.

Q12. Who was the adviser of the defence ministry before he become President of India ?

Ans – Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

Q13. Who was the famous sculptor of Shantiniketan ?

Ans – Ramkinkar Baej.

Q14. Who was the first non – Congress P.M of India?

Ans – Morarjee Desai.

Q15. Who was the first non – Congress Chif minister of Bihar ?

Ans – Mahamaya Prasad Singh.

Q16 . Which cinema actor was nominated the member of the Rajya Sabha for the first time ?

Ans – Prithviraj Kapoor .

Q17. Which country has the pride of being Prime Ministers among the brothers of the same family ?

Ans – Nepal – B.P.Koirala, M.P.Koirala, G.P. Koirala.

Q18. Which award is given by UNESCO ?

Ans – The Kalinga Prize.

Q19. Into which name was translated the Mahabharta in Persian ?

Ans – Razmnama.

Q20. Who is the first Law officer of the Government of India ?

Ans – Attornery General of India.

Q21. To which country does the Nobel Prize Giving Association belong ?

Ans – Sweden.

Q22. Who was the compiler of Aadigranth of the Guru Granth Saheb ?

Ans – Guru Arjan Dev.

Q23. Who is related to the share security scam ?

Ans – Harsad Mehta.

Q24. Which committee has been appointed to check the security share scam of the Reserve Bank of India ?

Ans – Janki raman Committee.

Q25. Who is the President of the Bhartiya Kisan Union ?

Ans. – Mahendra Singh Tikait.

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