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Examples of nouns in sentences Set-4

Behemoth = something very large and powerful
Edifice = a large and impressive building
Connoisseur = someone who knows a lot about a particular thing and enjoys it a lot
Mania = extreme enthusiasm and interest in something
Pact = a promise between people or organisations

The city is sprawling behemoth that seems to have no beginning and no end.

So large and powerful is the behemoth company that some say it is more powerful than the government.

Investors in Silicon Valley are trying to find the behemoth technology companies of the future.

My favourite animal has to be the whale. It’s a behemoth, but there’s also something beautiful and graceful about it.

After years of neglect, the magnificent 18th-century edifice was restored to its original beauty.

Tourist: Can you tell me where the cathedral is?
Tour guide: Certainly. Keep following this path for a mile or so, and you’ll see a grey stone edifice. The cathedral is next to it.

Last year I visited Egypt and the Great Pyramid of Giza. When I first saw this magnificent edifice, my jaw dropped.

Experts are trying to save the crumbling 1000-year-old edifice from collapse.

Tim: So, tell me about your new girlfriend.
Dan: Her name’s Cathy and she’s really into music. She’s a connoisseur of jazz and classical.

My daughter is fascinated with anything related to Japan: the food, the art, the culture. I would describe her as a connoisseur of Japan.

Lisa: Recently I’ve taken up dance. I go to ballet and salsa classes on the weekends.
Kim: So you’re a bit of a dance connoisseur now? Impressive!

Even though the wealthy man owns dozens of famous and beautiful paintings, he wouldn’t describe himself as an art connoisseur.

During the 1960s there was a mania for the band The Beatles, which now has its own word:Beatlemania.

The British have such a love for drinking tea that some observers might call it a mania.

James Bond has a mania for car chases, shootouts and fast-living.

Brad: I’m going on a diet from today. Only fruit, vegetables and other healthy food from now.
Claire: Why the sudden health mania?

After years of wars and battles, the two countries signed a pact to live in peace and cooperate.

The two giant tech companies signed a pact to share information in order to grow their business.

The recycling pact between the group of companies is a huge boost for environmentalists.

After breaking a pact to stop testing weapons, the president of the country was severely criticised.

Words and Definitions for Nouns Set :-

Behemoth = something very large and powerful
The army’s new multi-billion dollar tank is a behemoth.

Edifice = a large and impressive building
The lawyer’s office was located in a white stone edifice.

Connoisseur = someone who knows a lot about a particular thing and enjoys it a lot James is a wine connoisseur. He visits France every year to taste and buy the best.

Mania = extreme enthusiasm and interest in something
Every four years during the Olympics, sport mania sweeps the whole world.

Pact = a promise between people or organisations
The two nations signed a trade pact after three years of discussions.

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