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Examples of nouns in sentences Set-3

Alacrity = with speed and enthusiasm
Anecdote = a short, interesting or funny story about something someone has done
Conjecture = a guess about something without any evidence
Skirmish = a small fight or argument
Zeal = great energy, effort and enthusiasm

The gun sounded and the runners began the race with alacrity.

After Sam asked his girlfriend to marry him, she accepted with alacrity and began to cry with tears of happiness.

Employee: Why aren’t you extending my contract? What did I do wrong?
Boss: This is a fast-moving industry, but unfortunately you have shown no alacrity in how you work.

As the final whistle blew, the supporters ran onto the field with alacrity to celebrate their team’s Super Bowl win.

Our university professor, Mr Simon, is fascinating to listen to. His lectures are full of interesting anecdotes.

Katie has a real talent for telling anecdotes. Once she starts, anyone who’s in the room listens to her every word.

I highly recommend Winston Churchill’s autobiography about his early life. It’s full of fascinating anecdotes.

Michael’s wedding speech was full of lovely anecdotes about his wife, his family and his friends.

The story about Ken being appointed the CEO of the company isn’t simply conjecture. I’m absolutely certain it’s going to happen over the next few days.

At the moment, the cause of the accident is conjecture. We are waiting for further details to be certain of what happened.

The damaging stories that were printed in the paper about the celebrity were pure conjecture, not fact.

Experts made various conjectures about the result of the game, but none of them was close to predicting what actually happened.

Even though there is a minor skirmish every now and then, the country has remained relatively peaceful since the end of the war.

Lee: What happened between you and Harry last night? He seemed really angry.
Fred: Oh, it was just a little skirmish. We said sorry afterwards and made up.

After the controversial leader took over, skirmishes broke out around the country between rival groups.

There was a short skirmish between the rival coaches before the highly-anticipated match began.

We quaffed down the drinks with zeal after we found out that we had won the jackpot on the lottery.

In his zeal for making money, George lost all his integrity and became a very different man.

This company prides itself on the zeal and passion of its workers. Everyone’s role is vital to its success.

Mum: My son is an avid tennis player. He says he wants to become the best player in the world one day.

Friend: You have to admire his zeal and determination.

Words and Definitions for Nouns Set:-

Alacrity = with speed and enthusiasm
I accepted the new job offer with alacrity because I was eager to leave my boring office job.

Anecdote = a short, interesting or funny story about something someone has done
John is full of humorous anecdotes about his travels around the world.

Conjecture = a guess about something without any evidence
There has been a lot of conjecture about the Queen’s condition recently, but she appears to be in perfect health.

Skirmish = a small fight or argument
Marie had a skirmish with her landlord about the increasing of her monthly rent.

Zeal = great energy, effort and enthusiasm
The woman’s zeal for helping the poor and changing the world is an inspiration to everyone.

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