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Example of verbs in sentences set-1

Savour = to enjoy an experience as much as possible
Decipher = to discover or understand what something means
Affix = to stick one thing to another thing
Badger = to keep asking questions or to keep persuading someone
Jeer = to shout rude and insulting things at someone

I’ve been on a diet for the last 3 months, so this is the first burger I’ve had for a long time. I’m going to savour every mouthful!

The man had been imprisoned for more than ten years. After he was released, he savoured every moment of his freedom.

We savoured the beautiful view from our hotel balcony, and listened to the sounds of the waves.

We savoured the beautiful aromas of the garden. The smell of the flowers, grass and herbs was delightful.

Detectives are trying to decipher the note that was left at the crime scene. It could be the best clue that they have.

The other poker players were trying to decipher his expression, but none of them could work out his tactics.

I stared at the strange symbols, unable to decipher what they meant or where they came from.

It took hundreds of years to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Jane is so obsessed with the boyband that she has about 100 posters of them affixed to her bedroom walls.

Customer: What should I do with these stickers?
Bank clerk: Please affix them to the application form, then sign your name.

The judge affixed a large badge to the proud winner of the writing contest.

Please affix a large postage label to the package to ensure your delivery arrives on time.

Every time we go to the shop, the children badger me to buy them chocolate and sweets.

Please stop badgering me to tidy my room. I’ll do it when I finish this game.

I kept badgering my bank manager to lend me the money to start my business. He finally gave me the money, so I can start the business very soon.

Mum: I don’t want to badger you, but you need to do your homework. I’ve asked you twice already.
Son: OK mum, I’ll do it now.

The class bully jeered at the other kids, and was punished by the head teacher as a result.

The politician shouted at the people to stop jeering him, but they responded with more insults.

The prisoners jeered every time the prison warden came round to inspect their cells.

Thousands of fans started jeering after the band failed to turn up for the sold-out concert.

Words and Definitions for Verbs Set :-

Savour = to enjoy an experience as much as possible.
Even though this Belgian chocolate was expensive, it is so tasty. I’m going to savour every piece of it.

Decipher = to discover or understand what something means.
His writing is so bad that I can’t decipher a single word of it.

Affix = to stick one thing to another thing.
affixed an extra stamp to the envelope to make sure I covered the postage.

Badger = to keep asking questions or to keep persuading someone.
Please stop badgering me about losing weight. I will do so when I’m ready.

Jeer = to shout rude and insulting things at someone.
He was jeered by the angry crowd, but there was no violence.


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