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Example Sentences for Nouns Set-5

Blight = something that has a very bad effect on something
Bliss = complete happiness
Spate = a large number of bad things happening at the same time
Feat = an achievement or act that is impressive
Succour = help given to someone

The blight of crime on this city is reaching severe levels. Something must be done to stop it.

Destructive earthquakes and tsunamis are a constant blight on the country.

The blight of dull concrete buildings has ruined this city’s skyline. We need some more imaginative architecture here.

Ray: Did you hear the news? They are building a new airport nearby.
Tom: I know. It’s going to be a real blight with all the noise and extra traffic. We’re probably going to move house.

The bliss of listening to the birds singing on a beautiful summer’s morning is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Lisa: Married life isn’t the bliss that I expected it to be.
Carol: There will be good times and bad times. Just be patient and get through it.

Everyone in the country was in a state of bliss after the national team won the World Cup for the first time ever.

I just tried some real Belgian chocolate for the first time ever. It was absolute bliss!

William: How is James doing?
Craig: Not so good. He’s had a spate of injuries recently, including a broken leg and a broken arm.

I’m really worried about my job security. There’s been a spate of job losses at my company over the past few months.

After a spate of bear attacks in the area, people are being told to stay indoors until animal experts deal with the situation.

The spate of bad weather looks set to continue for the rest of the month, with heavy rain, winds and tornadoes forecast.

The athlete managed to win the gold medal even though she injured herself in the middle of the race. What an incredible feat.

Tim spoke zero Spanish 6 months ago, and now he can have a conversation. That’s quite an amazing feat of learning.

Robert: My book has just been announced as a number one bestseller. I can’t believe it!
Emma: That’s an extraordinary feat, Robert. Congratulations!

Humans reaching the moon was an astonishing feat. It is an example of human’s ability to create new technology and explore.

When I was feeling sad and lonely, my friend offered succour, which really helped me.

Jane is such a kind, amiable woman. She’s always ready to give succour to anyone who needs it.

Many volunteers are bravely offering succour to those affected by the war.

This money is to be used only during times of difficulty, when succour is needed.

Words and Definitions for Nouns Set :-

Blight = something that has a very bad effect on something
The blight of unemployment has caused many people to leave the city.

Bliss = complete happiness
My idea of bliss is simply lying on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good book.

Spate = a large number of bad things happening at the same time
There’s been a spate of robberies in the area recently, so make sure you lock your windows and doors.

Feat = an achievement or act that is impressive
The driver’s run of winning 12 races in a row was an incredible feat.

Succour = help given to someone
The organisation offers succour to those in desperate need.

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