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Example of verbs in sentences set-4

Strive = to try very hard to achieve something
Opt = to make a choice from a range of possibilities
Perish = to die or to stop existing
Admonish = to tell someone they have done something wrong
Yearn = to want something very much, especially something you cannot get

The company is constantly striving to improve its customer service.

Everyone should strive towards reaching their full potential in life and achieve their goals.

Will: Have you finished the book that you’re writing?
Anne: I’m striving to finish it before the end of this month so that it can be published soon after.

At this school, we strive to develop your child into a responsible and creative individual.

Students can opt to stay in university dorms or arrange their own accommodation.

We could choose to visit any country in Europe, so we opted for Germany since we’d never visited before.

It’s time for me to choose which subjects I want to study further. I think I’ll opt for science, history and English.

Customer: I need a new laptop, but nothing too expensive. Any recommendations?
Salesman: Most customers opt for this one. It’s cheap and has all the basic functions needed.

More than 1,500 people perished in the sinking of the Titanic.

The ancient Maya civilisation perished after 3,000 years of prosperity.

Large numbers of animals in the region perished because of deforestation and hunting.

Hundreds of precious ancient objects perished in the fire, including paintings, furniture and other items.

I have to constantly admonish my daughter about crossing the road without paying attention.

Three players were admonished by the referee for fouling.

My tennis coach always admonishes me for hitting the ball too hard. He says I should just relax when I strike the ball.

The company was admonished by the newspaper after a series of negative stories.

Linda: What did you want to be when you were a child?
Ella: I yearned to be a pop star, just like my idol Madonna.

Brian: How is your wife?
Oscar: She’s yearning to quit her job and take a year off, but it’s not possible for now.
Chris still yearns to be with Sally more than a year after they split up. He just can’t seem to forget about her.

The prisoner has changed his ways and he yearns for a second chance. He’s hoping the judge will see this and give him early release.

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