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Example of verbs in sentences set-3

Revert = to go back to how something was before
Satiate = to completely satisfy
Vie = to compete against others in order to achieve something
Hasten = to make something happen more quickly
Bicker = to argue about unimportant things

James quit cigarettes for a year, but recently he became very stressed and reverted to heavy smoking.

The prisoner was released after 10 years in prison, but he soon reverted to his old ways and ended up back in prison.

We tried using the new software for a few months, but it didn’t meet expectations so we reverted to the old software.

Pat: How is Diane? Is she still depressed about splitting up with George?
Vicky: No, she’s reverted to her usual cheerful and happy self.

I satiated my desire for sun, sea and sand with a trip to the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

Smith’s new book will satiate the curiosity of anyone interested in world history.

The food in the restaurant was delicious, but the portions were so small. It didn’t satiate my appetite at all.

The comedy show we went to last night really satiated my need for a good laugh. I haven’t laughed so much in years.

The two wealthy businessmen always vie with each other to see who can buy the most expensive car.

Carol: How are your twin boys?
Samantha: Oh, they are always vying with one another to see who can be the best at everything.

During the Cold War, the USA and Russia vied for supremacy in the areas of space exploration and weaponry.

The animals in this region vie for the limited food that is on offer.

People donated millions of dollars to the country, which hastened the recovery of the people in need.

We were running late to catch the plane, but luckily the taxi driver knew all the shortcuts, which hastened our arrival at the airport.

The steam train is one of the most significant inventions in modern history. It hastened the movement of people and goods, enabling more rapid development.

Geniuses like Newton, da Vinci and Einstein hastened the development of the modern world.

Mother: You two are always bickering over toys. If you don’t stop, I’ll confiscate them.
Children: OK, sorry mum.

The politicians were bickering about minor details when they should have been focusing on the main issues.

The members of the neighbourhood organisation bickered for hours over what colour flowers should be planted in the park.

Janet and Billy are the quietest, most laid-back couple I’ve ever met. I’ve never even seen them bicker or argue about anything.

Words and Definitions for Verbs Set :-

Revert= to go back to how something was before
I went on a strict diet for a few weeks, but I soon reverted to my old eating habits.

Satiate = to completely satisfy
satiated my hunger with a burger, French fries, a slice of pizza and some ice cream.

Vie = to compete against others in order to achieve something
The ten contestants are vying for a place in the final of the singing contest.

Hasten = to make something happen more quickly
I’m certain that exercise and a healthy diet hastened my recovery from depression.

Bicker = to argue about unimportant things
The two friends bickered about which rugby team was better.

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