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Example of verbs in sentences set-2

Botch = to do something very badly
Impede = to stop the progress of something
Quaff = to drink something in large amounts and with enjoyment
Recollect = to remember something
Exacerbate = to make something bad even worse

We botched our first attempt at starting a business, but we made a success of it the second time round.

Ronaldo has botched his penalty kick and that means Brazil has won the World Cup!

The detectives were strongly criticised after they botched the investigation into the diamond robbery.

The three men were caught by police after they botched their robbery of the bank. After entering, they were locked inside for 30 minutes until police arrived.

The people believe that the government is impeding the development of the country, and so wish to vote in a new one.

Even though he was impeded with a severe injury, the brave runner completed the marathon after 6 hours.

Fallen rocks and bad weather has impeded the efforts of the rescue workers, as they struggle to get to the people trapped in the cave.

Paul is a very shy man, but this hasn’t impeded him in becoming an actor. In fact, people admire him more for this.

We quaffed the cool water from the stream and relaxed in the warm sunshine.

Wife: Where’s the bottle of red wine I bought yesterday?
Husband: Sorry, Peter and I quaffed it last night with dinner.

Harry and I visited Germany last week. We spent the whole time quaffing the world-class German beers on offer.

British people are well-known for quaffing tea. 84% of Brits drink the hot beverage.

Police: Do you recollect anything from the day your house was broken into?
Victim: Yes, I remember there were a few strange people walking up and down the street.

Jane and I met last night for the first time in years. We were recollecting all our fun adventures from childhood.

Lee drank so much wine at the party last night that he can’t recollect anything! Perhaps I shouldn’t tell him about his awful singing.

Employee: What’s the name of the new employee?
Colleague: As far as I can recollect, it begins with a ‘B’. Billy or Brian I think.

The company made huge losses this year, and to exacerbate the situation, it is under police investigation for fraud.

Don’t lift those heavy boxes, otherwise you’ll exacerbate your back pain. Let me move them for you.

Patient: When can I start going to the gym again?
Doctor: Don’t exercise for at least a month. It will only exacerbate the pain and prolong recovery.

Overpopulation and unemployment exacerbated the problems of the city. Thankfully, the mayor has done a fantastic job of overcoming these issues.

Words and Definitions for Verbs Set :-

Botch = to do something very badly
I tried to redecorate the living room, but I completely botched it.

Impede = to stop the progress of something
A broken down lorry impeded the traffic and caused hours of delays.

Quaff = to drink something in large amounts and with enjoyment
The players quaffed champagne after winning the cup for a third straight year.

Recollect = to remember something
I don’t recollect anything that happened after the accident.

Exacerbate = to make something bad even worse
The heavy rain and storms are exacerbating the problems caused by the flood.

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