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Competitive Exam General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Competitive Exam General Knowledge.Check your knowledge and concepts related to general knowledge.
Here you can find various Q & A ; for interview and entrance examination.

Q1. How many states are touching the boundary of Madhya Pradesh ?

Ans – Five .

Q2. In which country is the Red Square situated .

Ans – Russia.

Q3. Who is the director of the T.V. Serial ‘Mahabharat’ ?

Ans – B.R. Chopra .

Q4. Who is the director of the T.V. Serial ‘Ramayan’ ?

Ans – Ramanand Sagar.

Q5. Who has been given the award of the Great Daughter of India.

Ans – Mother Teresa on 8 November 1992.

Q6. Who was the Indian ruler who made an alliance with the French ?

Ans – Tipu Sultan.

Q7. What was Operation Topak ?

Ans – A Pakistani Scheme to create disturbance in Jammu and Kashmir .

Q8. What was Operation Blue Star ?

Ans – A Scheme to drive away the terrorists from the Golden temple at Amritasar 1984 (by the Union Govt. of Indira Gandhi)

Q9. What is Operation Flood ?

Ans  — A Scheme  for the maximum milk production.

Q10. What is the Operation Tiger ?

Ans – A Scheme to finish the separatis in Jammu ans Kashmir,

Q11. What is the Operation Pawan ?

Ans – A Scheme made by the Peace army of India and Srilanka in the year 1987.

Q12. What is the Operation Meghdoot ?

Ans – A Scheme of the Indian Air force against the Pakistani Armed forces in Siyachin in 1984.

Q13. What is the Marle Operation ?

Ans – A Scheme of the Indian Air Force against the revolutionaries of the Maldive in 1989.

Q14. In which two states is the Cauveri Water Dispute ?

Ans – Karnataka and Tamilnadu .

Q15. Which is the biggest island in the World ?

Ans – Greenland .

Q16. When was the National Calender started in India ?

Ans – On 22 March 1957.

Q17. When was the National Development Council established ?

Ans – 1952.

Q18. Between which two parties was the Lucknow Pact made in 1916.

Ans – Between the Congress and Muslim League .

Q19. Who was the Mughal Emperor to sign the Treaty of Allahabad with the East India Company in 1765.

Ans – Shah Alam.

Q20.Where is the Institute of Indian Dairy situated ?

Ans – Carnal (Haryana)

Q21. In which state is the Korba Thermal power  station stablished ?

Ans – In Madhya pardesh .

Q22. Where is Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station ?

Ans – Sonbhadra district in U.P.

Q23. Who was Leader to save Narmada compaign ?

Ans – Medha Patekar .

Q24. Who was the first Indian to win the Oscar award ?

Ans – Bhanu Athaiya.

Q25. Where is the National Defence Academy ?

Ans – Khadagwasala at Pune in Maharashtra .

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